General Info: About Gears

Gears is a plug-in that extends your browser to create a richer platform for web applications. For example, webmasters can use Gears on their websites to let users access information offline or provide you with content based on your geographical location. To install Gears, visit

Gears was designed to be used on both Google and non-Google sites. A number of web applications currently make use of Gears, including two Google products: Google Reader and Google Docs. Additionally, Zoho and Remember the Milk have been using Gears since its original launch. If you’re running Windows Mobile on your cellphone, Picasa Web Albums also makes use of Gears.

General Info: Where can I use Gears?

Gears works with a select group of sites that are specifically designed for compatibility. When you visit a site that’s configured to work with Gears, you should see a message stating “The website below wants to use Gears.” If you’d like to allow the use of Gears on this site, simply check the box next to “I trust this site. Allow it to use Gears.” and click the Allow button.

Note: Once you’ve allowed a site to use Gears, you won’t see this message again on that site
General Info: Offline data location

The operating system and the browser you’re using determine the location of your data. Below is a list of these locations:

Troubleshooting: Slow browser

Some sites may be slower when you activate Gears due to the syncing of your online and offline data. Once syncing is complete, the site should return to its normal speed.